Providing the energy needed to support development at an acceptable cost, and ensuring that it is used efficiently, while protecting the local environment, is a huge challenge – especially for countries that are also striving to contribute to the global public good of limiting use of fossil fuels.

Tricom Controls & Services developed its experience in power generation via providing contemporary solutions equipped with state-of-the-art technology to these plants main packages such as demi-water, polisher, soot blower, boiler control, etc. Through our Scope Of Work which includes but not limited to PCS, PLC, ESD, BMS, CEMS, and SWAS; plants are able to increase efficiency, improve performance and reduce emissions

 By combining technical skills with design, engineering, integration and field service expertise, we delivered reliable References and can provide innovative solutions.

Our core philosophy reflects a cooperation approach with industry leading Partners to develop and implement our solutions to and enables us to handle the challenges in this sector by being responsive and adaptable to turnaround times and maintain our high-quality standards as well as on-time completion.