Boiler/Burner Management System

Egyptian Sugar & Integrated Industries

Burner Management System dual operation (Natural Gas & Fuel Oil) for 24 boilers capacity 25T/H to 100T/H with 2 & 4 Burners.

• Design, supply, install, commissioning and startup of BMS control system and field instruments
 Siemens S7-300 F
 Fail safe CPU and I/Os
 24 Controller
 24 Process Recorder
 50 Flame Igniter
 100 Flame scanner
 24 O2 Analyzer

Qous factory 9 boilers “DIA” (25 Ton), (2 burners)
Deshna factory 7 boilers “CKD” (40 Ton), (4 burners)
Edfu factory 2 boilers “DIA” (25 Ton), (2 burners)
Refinery factory 1 boiler “DUKLA” (40 Ton), (4 burners)
Refinery factory 1 boiler “TOMEN” (100 Ton), (4 burners)
Kom Ombo factory 4 boilers (25 Ton), (2 burners)


- Supply, Commissioning and Startup of UCP/BMS systems for Novargi/SUMED - Hot Oil Heaters, Ain Sukhna

• 2 X process control function System (UCP ) Redundant S7-400
• 2 X Burner Management System (BMS) Fail safe system S7-400 FH
• Wincc SCADA V7.4, Operator & Engineering Stations
• Modbus TCP/IP Communication with DCS

Alexandria National Refining & Petrochemicals Co.

- Upgrading BMS for 100 T/H Standard Kessel Boiler

• Design, Supply, Install, Commissioning and Startup of Boiler control Module
• Dual Fuel operated
• Redundant system, S7-400 FH, I/O & communications modules
• Redundant Server - SCADA System

Petroleum Pipelines Company

- Turn Key Project / Upgrading Control System for NO. 3 Verga heaters

• Design, Supply, Install, Commissioning and Startup for control system & field instruments
• SIEMENS S7-300
• WINCC SCADA Operator & Engineering Stations
• Qty. 18 Flame Scanner
• Field Instruments (Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Flow, Level, I/P converter)

Cairo West Power Plant

- Upgrade The Control System For Burner Management System (BMS) Unit 5 & 6, Babcock-Hitachi Natural Circulation Boiler Capacity 1500 T/H

• PLC System Siemens S7400 FH
• SCADA Systems
• Redundant Communication to DCS
• Ignition Control For different types of Fuels
• Supply of Qty. 108 Flame Scanner

Cairo West Power Plant

- Upgrade The Control System For Polisher plant unit 5 & 6

• Control system Siemens PLC S7-400 H
• Redundant Communication
• SCADA system, Redundant server, historian & reporting system
• Onsite training

TCI Sanmar Chemicals S.A.E

- Burner Management System (BMS) for Qty 2 Thermax BOILER, 2 Burners, Capacity 20 ton in TCI Sanmar Chemicals Port Said Egypt.

Design, Supply, Install, Commissioning & Start Up BMS & Field Instrument.
Siemens Redundant S7-400H.
Siemens HMI TP 15 Inch.
Fuel Control Valves.
Air Control Valves.

Upgrade from old Saacke Controller, Mitsubishi Safety Control Module and PLC.Replacing the Old Servo Motors with Control Valves for Gas Control and Damper Actuator for Air Control to Optimize Air to Fuel Ratio.

New System Features;
Monitoring all Boiler Process Values.
Monitoring Boiler Interlocks & Operation Sequences.
Start/Stop, Manual & Automatic Loading.
Historical Alarming & Archiving, Analogue Signal Trends.


  • Upgrade Utility Boiler Control System

Ø  Design, Supply, FAT, Commission & Start Up for Automation System & SCADA System.

Ø  PLC System Siemens S7-414H, Redundant IO’s (1000 IO) , Qty 5 Remote ET 200M.

Ø  Update PLC CFC Charts, Clear All Bugs in Old Program, Add New Logic Function. 

Ø  SCADA System, 2 Operator Station, Multiplanel MP370.

Ø  Upgrade/Update Graphic to The Latest Version, Add New Graphics

for New Logic Functions