Turbine & Compressor Control System

General Petroleum Company – GPC

Upgrading the control system of propane Compressors at GPC Abu Sannan field

Scope of Work:

Design, Supply, FAT, Installation, Commissioning & start up Automation System Siemens S7-400 H, Redundant IO & outdoor HMI.
 Fiber optic Ring Network up to 5000m, for remote IO & third parties communication.
 Gas Detection System Supply, Design, FAT, and Installations & start up.
 Instrument Field (temperature, Pressure, Level, Valves, I/P converters) supply, Installations & start up.
 Frication site activity Cable Trays installation, Cables Laying.

 Automation system is assembled on PRESSURIZED ELECTERICAL PANEL QPREX, IP 65, TEMP -50 to + 60 c ATEX Certification II3GD Ex pzc [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc (ZONE 2)
 Pressurized Panel, Protective gases allowed only is nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hilum or instrumental compressed air inside panel.
 Pressurized Panel, No internal source of flammable gas released allowed.
 ATEX Vortex A/C Enclosure Cooler.

Alexandria National Refining & Petrochemicals Co.

- Upgrade Control System of Nuovo Pignone Compressor Located in Zone 1

• Siemens PLC System S7-400 FH(Fail Safe System), SIL2
• Redundant Fail Safe I/O Modules
• Upgrade Bentley Nevada Vibration System From Series 3300 To 3500
• PLC System Assembled In Stainless Steel IP65 Pressurized Panel - EXp. c/w Purging & Vortex cooling Systems
• HMI 19’’ In glass Protection Window
• SCADA System

Petroleum Pipelines Company - Ruston Turbine

- Upgrade Qty. 2 Ruston TB5000 Gas turbine-PUMP SET

• PLC Allen Bradley RS Logix 5000, SCADA - Talk View, HMI - RS View
• Allen Bradley Speed Control XM 220, Allen Bradley XM 143Vibration System Control & Monitor
• Governor control
• Turbine protection, Temperature spread monitoring
• Fuel gas valve skid.

Suez Oil Company - Ruston Turbine

- Upgrading Turbine control system for RUSTON TB5000 Gas Turbine Generators.

• PLC Allen Bradley RS Logix 5000, HMI & redundant control network
• Governor control
• Temperature spread monitoring
• Detronics fire detection system, FM 200 fire fighting
• Vibration system Bentley Nevada BN 3500

Petroleum Pipelines Company - Sulzer Turbine

- Upgrade control system for Qty.8 Sulzer 4 MW Gas Turbine-Pump Set

• PLC Siemens S7-300
• Wincc SCADA Operator & Engineering Stations
• HMI 19" Touch screen
• Field Instruments
• Qty.28 Flame Scanner
• Qty.28 Pressure Transmitter
• Qty.14 I/P Converter

Egyptian Iron & Steel

- Upgrade control system for Qty. 3 Linde Oxygen Compressor station

• Form HIMA safety controller to Siemens S7-300 Redundant system
• Redundant Communication to DCS (PCS7)
• Installation, Programming,
• Commissioning & Start Up within 24 hours shutdown

Cairo West Power Station

- Upgrade control system for Qty. 6 Ingersoll Rand Compressors

• From Logic Cards System - Mp3 Card to PLC based according to Siemens S7-300 & I/O Cards
• 12" HMI
• Design Modification (relays, terminals,…etc.) in the existing control panel to accommodate the new PLC system
• Installation, Programming, Commissioning & Start Up