Flare IQ Solution

PetroSafe / Alexandria Petroleum Company - APC 

This project marks a significant milestone as the inaugural Panametrics Flare IQ solution in Egypt and the second of its kind within the Middle East region. Our pivotal role in this venture is the implementation of an all-encompassing monitoring and control system for two flare lines and steam lines, employing cutting-edge technological advancements such as Panametrics ultrasonic flare meters, Panametrics Vortex flow meters, Pressure & Temperature transmitters, and Masoneilan Control valves which all connected Honeywell DCS.

The Project SOW as the following:

ØDesign, supplying, installation and commissioning of Flare monitoring and management system for 2 Flare lines at APC Co.

ØPerforming detailed site survey to collect all the needed data for preparing calculations, sizing sheet and drawings for the measurement system.

ØSupply, installation and commissioning of 2 Panametrics Insertion ultrasonic flow meter “Model: XGF868i & T5 Transducers” for 2 flare headers including PT & TT for each.

ØSupply, installation and commissioning of 2 Panametrics Vortex flow meter “Model: MV84R” for 2 steam lines complete with 2 Masoneilan “CAMFLEX II” steam control valves.

ØSupply, installation, programming and commissioning of Panametrics flare.IQ Generation 2 Process Control Solution for Flare Control and Digital Verification.

ØSupply, Installation and commissioning of Honeywell DCS to monitor flare management system and communicate with APC main DCS.

ØSupply and installation a pre-fabricated shelter to accommodate flare management system and SCADA system.

ØPerforming all the needed pipe work (hot tapping, NDT tests  ...etc) and supplying of steel platform to have the access to flow meters for future maintenances.