PTC is a leading Technology Company that has made significant contributions to the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Products and Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a foundational technology for Industry 4.0 initiatives that uses connected smart sensors, actuators, and more to:
• Maximize Revenue.
• Reduce Time to Market.
• Lower Operational Costs.
• Improve Quality.
Industrial IoT systems are made powerful by connected devices and machines that can speak the same language, monitor and analyze industrial performance data.
PTC's IoT platform, ThingWorx, is a robust solution that helps businesses connect, analyze, and manage their devices and systems. ThingWorx offers advanced features such as rapid application development, industrial connectivity, and real-time analytics, empowering companies to harness the true potential of IoT.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Product lifecycle management software enables geographically-dispersed, multi-disciplinary, teams to strategically collaborate with partners and customers using trusted, up-to-date product information.
PTC's Windchill is a comprehensive PLM solution that enables organizations to manage their product design, development, and manufacturing processes. As a pioneer company in PLM, PTC has helped businesses streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

With Windchill, companies can:

• Manage product data, documents, and configurations throughout the product lifecycle.
• Collaborate with all stakeholders, including suppliers, partners, and customers.
• Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, reducing risks and penalties.
• Implement robust change and configuration management processes.

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Augmented reality (AR) 

Solutions offer a better way to create and deliver easily consumable work instructions, procedures, and critical information by overlaying content onto real world work environments—connecting employees and improving business outcomes.
AR allows visual, digital content to be displayed over the physical world to enhance an experience. This technology can be used for shopping, entertainment, or in the workplace. Industrial augmented reality is the use of this interactive technology for use cases in manufacturing, service, and operations to improve workforce efficiency. When combined with enterprise IoT, PLM, and CAD data, Industrial AR can be a powerful tool for upskilling your workforce, optimizing operations, and increasing revenue.
With AR we can:
• Empowering businesses to improve training and knowledge transfer by visualizing complex concepts and procedures.
• Enhancing customer experiences through interactive product demonstrations and marketing campaigns.
• Improving field service and maintenance operations with real-time, contextual information.

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Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Computer-aided design is a way to digitally create 2D drawings and 3D models of real-world products—before they’re ever manufactured. With 3D CAD, you can share, review, simulate, and modify designs easily, opening doors to innovative and differentiated products that get to market fast.
PTC offers several CAD software products, including:

• Creo: a suite of CAD software that enables users to design and develop products in 2D and 3D. It includes features such as parametric modeling, simulation, and analysis tools, as well as tools for creating technical drawings and documentation.

• Onshape: a cloud-based CAD software that allows users to work collaboratively on designs in real-time from any device with an internet connection. It includes features such as version control, real-time data management, and integrated simulation and analysis tools.

• Windchill: a product lifecycle management (PLM) software that includes CAD capabilities. It enables users to manage product data, collaborate on designs, and automate workflows across the entire product development process.

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