Baker Hughes Measurements & Sensing - MS and Flow & Process Technology – FPT are comprised of distinct product lines, including legendary brands as follow,

Dresser Valves


 DRUCK testing & Calibration Tools, Includes:




Baker Hughes Valves, Includes:

Becker Control Valves

• Becker Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV)
• Becker T-Ball Control Valves for Natural Gas Applications
• Becker T-Ball* Anti-Surge valves
• Becker Rotary Piston Spring Return (RPSR) and Double Acting (RPDA)
• Becker HPP Pneumatic Positioners
• Becker Valve Regulator Pilot (VRP)

Masoneline Control Valves

• Control Valves (Globe, Rotary, Ball & Butterfly)
• Pneumatic Valve Actuators
• Electro Pneumatic and Digital Valve Positioners
• Digital and Pneumatic Level Displacers / Controllers

Consolidated Control Valves

• Safety Valves
• Safety Relief Valves
• Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves

Mooney pressure regulators / Reducing valves

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PANAMETRICS Instruments, Includes:

Ultrasonic flow meters for Gas & Liquids, in-line and clamp on.
Ultrasonic Custody transfer Flow meters (LNG) and pipe Leak Detection Flow meters.
Flare Flowmeters & management systems
Gas analyzers and Moisture detectors

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DRUCK Testing & Calibration Tools, Includes:

Hand Pumps
Reference Pressure and Temperature Indicators.
Loop, Electrical, Frequency, Temperature Calibrators.
Portable Pressure Calibrators.
Multifunction Calibrators / Field Communicators.
Pressure Controllers
Calibration Management Software.

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