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Quality, Safety and Occupational Health Policy

Tricom Controls and Services is one of the leading companies in the field of control systems and services.
The company is fully committed to producing services & solutions that consistently meet the satisfaction, desires and expectations of customers while adhering to the principles and obligations of occupational safety and health, which form the general framework of work and meet the requirements of senior management, employees and society with the application of integrated management systems for quality, safety and occupational health in accordance with the standard specifications.
ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 which leads to improvement, development and continuous progress of performance.

This is achieved by:
• Full compliance with national and international standards in the field of control systems industry and all laws and regulations related to business activity.
• Identify, assess and monitor risks, develop plans and take the necessary measures in the workplace to ensure the prevention of injuries and diseases and then work the necessary analyses for any incident of any size to minimize its effects and prevent its recurrence in the future.

• The company is committed to eliminating sources of danger and reducing hazardous work.

• Provide protection, safety and precautions for emergencies, provide appropriate instructions and training of staff to ensure their safety and the safety of the surrounding environment.

• The optimal use of resources and equipment with the latest modern technological methods to keep pace with the progress in the field of work leading to the continuous improvement and development of company's working methods and reduce loss.

• Attention to training and educating employees to develop their personal skills in doing business and spreading quality, safety and occupational health awareness among them.

• Continuous improvement and development in the performance of quality, safety and occupational health management systems through monitoring and systems, measurement, performance evaluation and audits.

• Participation and consultation of all employees in all matters related to the quality, safety and occupational health system

CEO  Signature 

• This policy is taken to set positive goals and create an appropriate work environment and the extent to which these goals are achieved is periodically reviewed and used as a basis for formulating new objectives.
• This policy is public and understandable to employees and is available to visitors, the public and those interested in the company's activity and is applied and reviewed periodically during management review meetings to ensure that its suitability and suitability continue.
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• Date: 1/05/2021